Buddhist Boy Names

Buddhist Boy Names

The Buddhist religion has been very popular among the Indians. It originated from India, and then spread across the world. Buddhism is practiced by many, and this favouritism can be accredited to its values and paths. The principles that have been emphasized on are those of harmlessness and moderation.

Buddhist Boy Names

Your baby is your blessing. Parents in India usually wish to go with names which ought to represent certain characteristics of their children or names that the children would be able to relate to. A buddhist name is connected with an aura of calmness and spirituality and is known to create a positive vibrance for everyone who comes around. Buddhist baby boy names in India are associated with spirituality.  These names although not traditional, are relaxed and friendly. Mostly they are related to the goals and desires that you might have for your little one.

If you wish to go beyond the rituals and ponder towards naming your child in an untraditional manner, we list for you top 400 Buddhist baby boy names in India, and what they mean.

  Buddhist Name Meaning
  A-Wut A weapon
  Aaka Love/desire
  Abhaya Fearless
  Abhedya Unbeatable
  Adhiarja Safety
  Aghad Vast / deep
  Agung Great/Grand
  Amitaruchi Extremely Glorious
  An Peaceful/Peace
  Anh Smart or Intelligent
  Ananada The Prosperous One
  Anantamati Having an infinte mind
  Anantavikrama Possessing Eternal Valour
  Anurak A male angel of Thai Mythology
  Anzan A silent mountain
  Arban A man who is fluent in his words
  Arkar Sky
  Arjuna Chivalrous
  Asahi Morning Sun
  Asnee Lightning
  Ashoka Without Grief
  Ashwaghosh He was a buddhist philosopher
  Ashwin Month in Hinduism
  Atid The Sun
  Aung Success
  Avant Endless
  Avoliketesvara A compassionate lord looking down
  Aye Cool
  Ayumu A dream or vision
  Bagaskoro Rays of the sun
  Bahuksana One who can endure
  Bagus A handsome boy
  Baika Plum Blossoming
  Balavrata Worshipping the rising sun
  Bakti An Obedient boy
  Bankei Ten thousand blessings
  Banko Lasting Forever/Everlasting
  Banyu Water
  Banzan A mountain which cannot be destructed
  Bao To order
  Basho A banana plant
  Bassui Above average
  Bat Erdene A strong jewel
  Bataar A hero
  Batsaikhan A strong and nice person
  Batukhan A strong ruler
  Batzurig A Strong and Courageous person
  Bhadanta A respectful term
  Bhadrapala The one who protects goodness
  Bhoddidharma A follower of Buddhism
  Bhismasvaraja One who is not affected by sound
  Bhodidarma Someone with all pervading awakenness
  Budhasuta Son of lord buddha
  Buddhanandi One who enjoys knowledge
  Bolin Rain’s Elder Brother
  Boon-Mee A lucky boy
  Boon- Nam Boy born with a good fortune
  Boudh A lesson
  Brahmadhvaja Warrior of God
  Bu A leader
  Buddha Named after Lord Buddha
  Buddhamitra A friend of Lord Buddha
  Budh The enlightened one
  Bupposo Buddha- Dharma- Sangha
  Butsugen Buddha’s eye
  Butsugu Buddha’s age and life
  Buu A chief
  Byeong- ho Luminous and bright
  Cahya A light in the dark
  Cais A rejoiceful person
  Candavira A buddhist male name
  Candrasurya A man like the moon
  Canh Endlessness of the environment
  Chaghatai Mongolian word meaning baby
  Chai Son A naughty/ mischievous boy
  Chaiya Victory
  Chakan One with an able body
  Chalerm One who is celebrated
  Chalermchai A celebrated victory
  Chaloem The apex
  Chandaka Moonlight
  Chengiz Greatest and Wisest
  Chiko Light of wisdom
  Chimon Gate of wisdom
  Chingis The greatest
  Chinshu A calm and soothing place
  Chorei Transparent spirituality
  Chosui Pure drinking water
  Chozen Clear transparent meditation practice
  Chuanchen Persuasion
  Chugai Transcending Universe
  Chuluunbold Steel
  Chuong Chapter of a story
  Champo A friendly person
  Channarong An experienced warrior
  Chuluun As strong as stone
  Cuong Healthy
  Dachen Of great joy
  Da-shin A peaceful heart
  Dasbala Ten times strong
  Daejung High/great
  Daeshim A great mind
  Daibai A plum
  Daiden A transmission
  Daichi Earth/land/planet
  Daido Greatest way possible
  Daiji Filled with love and compassion
  Daiden Great Transmission
  Daikan Powerful and active
  Daikaku Enlightened mind
  Daiko Powerful light
  Dainin One with great patience
  Daishin One with true and pure soul
  Danan One who is giving
  Danasura One among the donors
  Dasbala Man who has a powerful heart
  Dayakurca Store of compassion
  Dechen Health and happiness
  Denkatsu Activity like lightning
  Devasrigarbha One who creates the gods
  Devatideva Surpassing all the gods
  Dharmadhatu Made up from different metals
  Dharmadhara One who supports dharma
  Dharmakara Mine of dharma
  Dhanuraja King of archers
  Dhanayus With a rich life
  Dhitika Thoughtful and wise
  Diki Healthy/ wealthy
  Dipankara One who lights the lamps
  Divijata Born of the heaven
  Dojin The path of love
  Dokai Formal way
  Doryu Way of the dragon
  Doyu Preserver of morality
  Eido Illuminating way
  Ekai Jinko One with a wide virtue
  Enmei Bright circle
  Eshin One with an understanding mind
  Etsudo Joyful way
  Fa New beginning
  Fai Beginning
  Feng Like a phoenix
  Fu Prosperous and well to do
  Fumihiro Extensive condemnation
  Gan Bold one
  Ganbaatar Steel Hero
  Gang Hard and strong
  Gansukh Steel axe
  Gantulga Steel Hearth
  Ganendra Troop Lord
  Ganzorig Steel , brave man
  Genjin Revealing True humanity
  Genjo Original silence
  Genkai Source of the ocean
  Genkaku Understanding which is original
  Genki A hidden function
  Genko Original light
  Genno Esoteric Dharma
  Genpo Original law
  Gensho Blessings
  Getsuren Moon lotus
  Gurtej Religious and obedient to guru
  Gurtek Variant for gurtej
  Hakaku White crane
  Hanumanta Puffy cheeks
  Hanumanth Hindu Lord Rama
  Hakue A pure blessing
  Hemlal Buddha’s name
  Hlaing Plentiful
  Hiten Heart
  Hodo Dharma’s way
  Hopkins A famous man
  Hopkinson Son of a hop
  Hosho Dharma’s voice
  Htay Someone who is rich and wealthy
  Htet Someone who is sharp
  Htin Appearance
  Htun To succeed
  Htut Apex/tip
  Htway The youngest
  Issan Mountain
  Itsuki Timber tree
  Indazita Bow and arrow wielding son of conqueror of king of gods
  Jahlee A god-like person
  Jahleel One having hope in god
  Jayasura Victorious sun
  Jiao-long Looking like a dragon
  Jie Pure/chaste
  Jiho An aura of compassion
  Jikai One with compassion/sympathy
  Jimmyl Independent and frank
  Jimmuta Committed to family and friends
  Jin Chinese gold or metal
  Jiyu A compassionate friend
  Jochi Son of Chengizi
  Justen Someone who is just
  Kanshin One with an open heart or mind
  Keisho One who promotes wisdom
  Kobutsu Buddha
  Koge A fragrant flower
  Koju A universal flower
  Kokan An ancient reflection
  Kamnan Head  of the village
  Kan One with fortune
  Karambir Brave with the gods grace
  Kasemchai A victorious celebration
  Keisho Promoter of wisdom
  Khemkhaeng A strong and powerful man
  Khenbish Nobody
  Khin One who is kind
  Khine Firm
  Khunbish Not a human being
  Kittibun One with famous fortune
  Kittichat Belonging to a famous clan
  Kla A man who is old and brave
  Klaew Kla A brave and daring man
  Kob Sook A man whose heart is filled with happiness
  Kokan An ancient reflection
  Koshing Moving upwards step by step
  Kraisee Man as brave as a lion
  Kriang Krai A man well versed with victory
  Kumbikhanna One with a good temper
  Kywe Rich
  Lamon Gentle
  Lek A small person
  Li Jie Beautifully Outstanding
  Li Jun Beautifully Talented
  Li Qiang Beautifully strong and energetic
  Li Wei Beautifully Extraordinary
  Loday Wisdom
  Lwin Outstanding
  Maung Brother
  Medekhgui I don’t know
  Mee Noi Little Bear
  Minato Port
  Mongkut Crown
  Mangolekhorniiugluu Mongol’s country’s morning
  Monkherdene Eternal Family
  Monkhbat Eternal firmness
  Muunokhoi A vicious dog
  Myaing Forest
  Myat Better
  Myint High
  Myo Relative
  Naimanzuunnadintsetzeg Eight hundred special flowers
  Naing Win
  Narong One who creates war
  Nekhii Sheepskin
  Nergui “No name”
  Nugai Dog
  Nyan Wisdom
  Nyein Quiet/calmness
  Nyunt Blossom
  Och Someone who sparkles
  Od Star
  Odgerel Starlight
  Ogtbish Not at all
  Ohnmar Insane
  Oktai He who understands
  Otgonbayar The youngest joy
  Padmayani Lord Buddha
  Paitoon A gemstone
  Partha Emperor of the world
  Pasang Born on a Friday
  Patakin Holder of a banner
  Phassakorn Sun
  Pilar A Foundation
  Phichit To win
  Phyu White
  Qara Cloudlet
  Raxit Protector/guard
  Ritthirong One who fights good
  Rinzen Holder of intellect
  Rhudai Heart
  Ridan Fighter
  Rujul Simple and honest
  Sakyamuni Lord Buddha
  Sakyasinha Lord Buddha
  Sandeepen Sage
  Saanjh                            Evening
  Sarasija Lotus
  Sangmu Kind hearted one
  Sandeepe A sage
  Sankalpa Resolve
  Sakda A powerful person
  Sanyojit Attached
  Shein A reflection
  Shway Gold
  Sirichai A man destined for a glorious victory
  Soe One who dominates
  Somchair A Macho and manly man
  Sopheak One with a gentle face
  Sou Sincere
  Sovann The one who is gold
  Sovay Like gold
  Sud Tiger
  Sukhbataar Hero of the axe
  Sujay Winner
  Suddhodhan Lord Buddha’s father
  Susu A very slight sound
  Sunil Sapphire
  Syaoran A little wolf
  Taban Splendind and glittering
  Tadaaki A faithful light
  Tadashi A loyal and faithful servant
  Tae A great person
  Taichi A big one
  Taiga A well mannered person
  Taiki A great tree
  Taji Yellow and silver color
  Takahiro Very respectful and loving
  Takai The next world
  Takashi A devoted piety
  Takato A measure
  Takaya One having great respect for someone
  Takeo A warrior who fights for his kingdom
  Taku Young
  Takuma An open truth
  Tanawat Knowledge
  Tarkhan Skillful
  Tashi Auspicious
  Tathagat Lord Buddha
  Taru A huge sea of water
  Temujin He who is strong as iron
  Tenpa A buddhist doctrine
  Tenzing Protector of dharma
  Teesta A river
  Terbish Not that one
  Thagyamin Change or transfer
  Thant Clean
  Thaung Ten thousand
  Thein A hundred thousand
  Theingi Gold
  Therein The sun
  Thet He who is calm
  Thien He who is smooth
  Theingi Gold
  Thiha Lion
  Thuan One who is tamed
  Thuc He who is aware
  Thuong One who loves tenderly
  Thura Sun
  Thuta Knowledge
  Thuy A man who is friendly
  Thuya The sun
  Thuyet A theory
  Thuza An angel
  Tin A saint
  Tohru A transparent human
  Tokyo Capital on the East
  Tomiche A wealthy person
  Tomiichi Prosperous
  Tomohiro One having huge wisdom and knowledge
  Tomor baatar Strong hero
  Tomoya An intelligent man
  Tong Public officer
  Toru A huge sea of water
  Toshiro An intelligent person
  Trieu A small person
  Trigya Lord Buddha
  Trikay Lord Buddha
  Tshering Long, graceful life
  Tsukiya Resembling the white moon
  Tu A quick and intelligent learner
  Tun One who succeeds
  Turgen Fast
  Twan One who is smart and brainy
  Tyag Sacrifice
  Ushinar The most desired king
  Uttiya A common name in Buddhist literature
  Ulagan A man who is worldly
  Vas A place
  Vyas The arranger
  Varaj King of forest
  Vidvath A scholar
  Vipaschit Lord Buddha
  Wang lei King like thunder
  Wang wei Extraordinary king
  Wang yong Eternal King
  Win Bright
  Widit Famous
  Wunna Gold
  Xanadu A famous dynasty in china
  Yamato In great harmony
  Yangchen The sacred one
  Yarzar King
  Yaza King
  Yeshe Wisdom
  Yonten Knowledge
  Youta Great sunlight
  Yul From a far horizon
  Yuu Excellent and brave
  Yuuma Honest and gentle
  Yuuto A gentle person
  Zaw Saint / practitioner of yoga
  Zenji Zen master
  Zeya Success
  Zeyar Success
  Zhang Wei Extensive power
  Zhang yong Extensive bravery

These unique Buddhist names are meant to bring positivity to those around them and provide an aura of peace. We hope you have a fun time choosing a name for your little one.

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